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Dani, whose full name is Dani Tjapetin, is a 29-year-old Indonesian model, and one of the hottest yoga hotwomen on Instagram.

Her new posts show off her new yoga body, which she said was created during her yoga training.

She has recently shared pictures of herself performing yoga poses with a friend.

In the new Instagram post, she captioned the photo with ‘my body’ and captioned it ‘hotwife xxxx yoga hot’ which she added in the caption, adding that the two of them are in love with yoga.

The model also shared a new picture of herself with her friend.

In the post, her friend and co-model said: “I love your body so much.

You have such a beautiful smile on your face.

I really admire you and would love to dance with you.

I love your passion for yoga.”

Dani is known for her cute Instagram selfies, and she has been the subject of many comments on the social media platform.

A lot of people have commented on her yoga poses, saying they feel as though they are having a dream come true.