Gateway Resort Varkala

resortWith it's stunning cliff-top views over the Arabian Sea, Varkala is an incredibly peaceful place to retreat from everyday life. The beach itself is regarded as sacred and bathing in it's waters is believed to purify the body and wash the soul of it's sins. Varkala is also famous for it's 2,000 year old temple and is where many Hindu's come from all over the state to perform ceremonies to honour their loved ones who have passed.
Situated just above this magical beach the Gateway Varkala is the ideal location to explore your relationship with YOU.



Why India?

roomIndia is one of the most magical countries to visit in the world. The deep spirituality that is imbedded into everyday life makes it the perfect place to come for a retreat. You will be nourished and refreshed simply by being in such a relaxed and welcoming culture. On top of that Varkala is one of the most beautiful places in India. With the Arabian Sea as your daily view, the fascinating vibrant indian culture outside the resort to explore and the incredible food, sights and depth of India there is no better place to come to change your life!