"Monique gives clear and concise direction twinned with an incredible capacity to connect with everyone not only with compassion but also understanding and gentleness. And this is what I believe sets her apart from the rest and makes her not only a remarkable teacher but also a special human being. Anyone can impart information but in my opinion to truly teach something you have to be an example of it yourself. "The proof is in the pudding" as they say and here you will find a teacher who epitomises the very essence of what she is teaching you. selfemppicI loved every minute of the course I attended. I left feeling empowered and as promised it changed my whole perspective on life." - Sarah Allen, UK

"Learning these methods has completely changed my confidence and helped me cultivate my inner compassion for myself and the world around me. Thank you Monique for all of your guidance and teachings." - Genevieve Dowling, Canada

"Monique is a powerful teacher who has the ability to lead you into a deeper understanding of yourself. The course helped me more than I ever imagined." - Moran Kempler, Israel

"This has been one of the most positive, beneficial, life changing and balancing experiences of my life." - Hannah O'Neil, UK