Which yoga burn is the most painful?

The yoga collective @yogavid was among the first to tweet out a photo of their burn.

The burn was the first of many that will be published in the coming weeks.

As the photos slowly spread, some have already reached the top of the Reddit thread.

“The burning was the hardest I’ve ever experienced,” @yogsublogger wrote.

“I think I’m gonna have to take more time in between classes and burn out before I feel fully healed.”

Other users commented that the burn was so painful, they felt compelled to share their own burn experiences.

“Burns are so common these days that I’ve had to keep a journal for myself to record the details,” @xo_jim_h wrote.

But the photo also had a lot of other positive aspects.

“This photo definitely shows that I’m not alone in my experience,” @kirill_dovkin said.

“If I’m the only one who feels burnt out, maybe I should take a nap before starting to burn.”

For others, however, the photo has been more of a turning point.

“Some of the photos have been the most beautiful moments in my yoga journey,” @thekittyturtle wrote.

Other yoga burners are using the hashtag #Yogawatt to spread the word.

“We were just sitting in a quiet room, just sitting and thinking about it and it really made us all feel lighter and more connected,” @willy_nathan wrote.

The yoga group @yogaburners has already reached 10,000 followers on Instagram.