How to get ready for yoga in India

As a yoga instructor in India, you might be wondering what it is like to teach and perform yoga at a yoga studio in your home city.

We spoke to yoga instructors in India to find out more.1.

What is a yoga session?

A yoga session is an intimate time spent with a teacher.

This is the moment when you relax and feel inspired to work on your own body, a state of mind that can last up to two hours.2.

How long does a yoga class last?

A class lasts anywhere between two and four hours, depending on the quality of the instructor.

The average yoga session lasts two to three hours, according to yoga teachers in India.3.

What are the benefits of a yoga yoga session in India?

There are many benefits of attending a yoga workshop.

Some of the most important include:1.

A relaxed and positive attitude.2

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