‘No-one wants to hear this’: Yoga poses for Black women and girls

The word ‘no-one’ comes to mind when I read this piece on Black women’s yoga poses.

This piece from a website called TheBlackLadiesVibes, is one of the most popular articles of its kind on the website.

I’ve been studying Black women in the fitness industry for the last four years, and the stories that I have been hearing are very real.

I’m sure you can relate.

In January 2017, a Black woman was asked to do a yoga pose in front of a camera.

The pose was done with a yoga mat, and she was asked, ‘Who wants to do it?’

Her response: “It’s not me, it’s my partner.”

This is not the first time I’ve heard this story.

In 2017, I was asked if I would like to do an yoga pose for my partner.

I replied: “Sure, I’m up for it, but I don’t want to do that, it makes me feel weird.”

I was told that I should be doing a yoga move for my husband or boyfriend to see if he would join in.

As I wrote in my piece on the topic of Black yoga, Black women have long been told that yoga poses are not for them, and have been labelled as too physical, too feminine or too masculine for the purpose of fitness.

A Black woman recently shared a story of a Black yoga teacher, who has had to deal with this issue for years, asking her students if they would like an ‘Aha!’ pose in her class.

She explained: “I’m a very physical person.

I love doing the poses for my clients.

I do them in my class, and when they come to me for feedback on what they’ve done, I love to get them to go back to their poses.

But if I’m teaching someone else, I think it’s best if they can go in for a full body.

I just don’t feel comfortable doing that.”

When I asked her what her yoga teacher had told her to do, she replied: “I just tell them to just do a simple pose, it doesn’t matter if it’s a male or female.”

While Black women often see themselves as more of a physical athlete than other women, in reality yoga poses aren’t all about physical performance.

The yoga poses for black women are more about social, emotional and emotional wellbeing.

Black women are known for having strong emotions and relationships, and are therefore often judged by their partner’s body language and actions when they do yoga poses with their partner.

If you are a Black man, or even a Black Woman, and you want to learn more about Black women, then read the Black Yoga poses article.