Nikes Yoga Pants Are Now Selling For $10,000!

Nike Yoga Pants are now available for sale at for a cool $10k!

You can get your own pair for less than $30.

The pants are also available on Amazon for $150.

You can buy your pair on the YogaBibles website or at their online store.

The Nike Yoga pants are not just some new sneaker deal, they are a $10K Nike deal!

If you already have a pair of Nike yoga pants and have been saving up, you may want to grab one of these for yourself and save on the shoes.

The Nike Yoga trousers have been updated to use Nike Sport Performance technology and come with a “Made in America” tag.

The brand has also announced that it will be releasing an updated version of its “Yoga Blocks” to add more “yoga” to the set.

The new yoga block sets are made out of 100% polyester and are available now at Yoga