How to keep your body healthy after the cold weather

A winter storm that hit Russia last month has created a shortage of oxygen for many residents of the country’s biggest city, but for the first time in years, many residents are getting help with a new exercise program.

The government announced Tuesday that residents in a Russian city of 1.3 million will have access to an exercise program for their respiratory system for the next three months.

“I’m really tired and it’s cold outside and I can’t go outside,” said one resident, whose name has not been released for security reasons.

“We need oxygen, and we need to stay alive.”

While the Russian government is providing oxygen, the government of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has created an air conditioning program for the city.

Russian authorities say that the program is meant to help residents stay warm during the winter.

A recent poll found that half of Russians want to increase the amount of oxygen that residents can breathe.

But Russian Prime Minister Medvedesen has also created an initiative to train more Russian military and police personnel to become “vigilantes.”