How to celebrate LGBT Pride in Israel: Here are the best places to visit

LONDON — A new video series by the UK’s Lesbian and Gay Federation (LGLF) is making its mark in Israel.

The series is “LGLFF: Israel’s Lesbian & Gay Federation,” which takes a look at the LGBT community in Israel, and provides an overview of the issues that have brought LGBT rights to the fore in the country.LGLFs director, Shmuel Sagi, says the project is part of the UK government’s commitment to promoting tolerance and equality.

“The Israeli LGBT community is under attack by anti-Israel extremists who are using their political and media platforms to vilify them and deny them their right to exist and live freely in the world,” Sagi said.

“Our hope is that this project will show that the LGBT movement is not only an Israeli issue, but a global one.

It is a very big deal in the Jewish world, as well as in the Arab world.”

Sagi said the LGLF is working with the Ministry of Interior to create the program.

The LGLFs team visited several places in Israel during the project, including a lesbian and gay cafe in Tel Aviv and a synagogue in Ramat Gan, and conducted research and interviews.

The team interviewed thousands of people and also interviewed Israeli activists, activists, and activists on the ground.

The film will air on Channel 2 on Wednesday, March 13 at 10 p.m.

Israel has one of the most hostile attitudes toward LGBT people in the Middle East.

Israel prohibits LGBT citizens from marrying or engaging in any form of same-sex relations, while in many parts of the country the law criminalizes consensual same-gender sex.

LGLs director, Sara Shmulman, says that the LGB community in the Palestinian territories has been subjected to a series of discriminatory laws and policies.

“I’m not a fan of LGBT rights.

I’m a fan if they’re being treated with fairness and respect,” she said.”

But in general, Israel is a country where people who are LGBT have to fight against all kinds of discrimination.

So, we’re going to go there and try to change that.”