10 of the best yoga videos on YouTube for kids

It’s been a year since yoga became a mainstream sport, but the benefits of the movement continue to be a hot topic.

Here are 10 of our favorite yoga videos for kids.


‘You Don’t Know Me’ (Alicia and I) This video features Alicia, a preschooler, and her two brothers, a 6 and a 10-year-old.

The boys are shown being chased by a man dressed as Santa Claus.

Alicia, who has a degree in English literature, uses her imagination to create the perfect holiday video.

Alicia also sings a lullaby while the boys cry and pretend they are in the middle of a Christmas tree.

Alicia’s music is also a welcome addition to the kids’ Christmas playlist.

The music is accompanied by a calming narration from the narrator, which makes for an incredibly peaceful video.


‘Virgo’s Night’ (Sharon and Mike) The video for Sharon’s ‘Virus’ opens with a family in a hospital.

They’re sitting on a couch with the door open and the children are all playing.

Then, one of the children starts to panic and cries.

Sharon says, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.”

Sharon responds by saying, “If you’re not scared, don’t worry.

I can fix you up.”

The children laugh and say, “It’s okay.”

The family then turns to the doctor, who comes and puts them on a bed and gives them oxygen and CPR.

They laugh and then Sharon is back to normal.


‘Bunny in the Rain’ (Nina and David) The kids play with bunny figurines in a rainforest.

A bunny walks by and asks the kids if they’re going to play a game.

The children reply, “I guess not,” but the bunny walks away.

The video cuts to a different scene with the kids as the bunny and then a picture of the bunny.

The bunny walks into the video again, and then the bunny goes back into the rainforest, which has been covered with the bunny figurine.

The kids then play with the figurine and laugh.


‘The Little Ones’ (Jasmine and Tiana) Jasmine and Tei’s favorite Christmas video is this one for kids who love animals.

The Little Ones have a big story about how their parents passed away, and now the kids must make their way to a zoo and find their mom’s stuffed animals.

In addition to animals, the video also shows the little ones playing the piano.

The piano plays and the kids sing, “Truly the Little Ones are back.”

The video ends with the piano playing “Merry Christmas.”


‘A Christmas Carol’ (Laurie and Jason) In this adorable video, Laurie and Jason try to find a lost Christmas tree by taking their mom out shopping.

They are joined by a choir, which performs the song “My Heart Is a Muscle.”

Laurie and her mom then share their memories of the lost tree and the Christmas story.

The girls sing “I Wish I Were There.”


‘Crazy for You’ (Kristen and Kristy) This hilarious video for kids of all ages features Kristen and Kristie.

The three talk about their favorite Disney characters, and Kristi reveals she’s a Disney fan.

The videos end with a quote from the show “The Story of Disney.”

Kristi then shares that she and her friends love to do this video for all of the Disney fans.


‘Hollyhock’ (Derek and Kim) This short video for children shows Derek and Kim walking around a playground and a dog chasing a ball.

The dog ends up falling in a lake and Derek tells Kim to keep it on the grass.

The dogs happy dog runs into the water and Derek and his friends play with it.

The song, “Holly,” is also played during the video.


‘Christmas on Ice’ (Bridget and Chris) In a video for girls ages 6 to 12, Chris and her brothers share a special story about the Christmas season.

In the video, they play a card game, “Santa’s Card,” and the boys and girls are able to make Santa a family.

The girl playing Santa then makes a magic ring for the boys.

The next day, the girls try to do their best Santa impersonation, with the boys doing their best Christmas shopping.


‘Little Red Riding Hood’ (Sasha and Nick) This adorable video for adults shows Nick and Sasha making gingerbread houses and the two boys sing “Little Red Hood.”

Nick and his brothers sing, and the video ends on a song, the boys playing “Little Christmas.”


‘I Wanna Be Santa’ (Miley and Justin) Miley and her family make Christmas cards and make them special for their new Santa.

They decorate each card with Christmas trees and make Santa come down the stairs and sing “Happy Holidays